Falling off the Wagon

By Breanna Lunsford

Hello everyone!

So it happens I fell off the wagon of coding after a vacation and then just life getting in the way. That happens though and I just wanted to post about it and say a thank you to my GA Career Coach for his continual checking in and helping get back on the wagon.

Thank You

So first and foremost thank you to my Career Coach, he is awesome! I am not going to use his name, because I didn’t ask for permission and I respect his privacy. However, he is awesome and gave me tools and ideas to keep my mind focused on my goal even if my part time work is keeping me busier than usual or my 3 year old kept me up all night.

What have I been doing

So in order to keep up my skills and stay in the know or my brain in coding I have been doing three things:

  1. Edabit.com (https://edabit.com/) Challenges that you can do, easy to interpret explanations and great resources.
  2. CodeNewbie Podcast (https://www.codenewbie.org/podcast) Great for learning about things happening in the coding world.
  3. TwilioQuest (https://www.twilio.com/quest) Is a super fun coding game for days when I just need a little more fun in my life

These are the things that not only worked best for me to git myself in good head space to get back on the coding wagon, but were fun and easy for me to do even in a limited time frame!

What’s to come!

I am working on getting back into explaining things I learned in class. Right now as I write this I am the only one that follows my blog so it is for me to keep myself accountable, understand the material in a new way, and a cheat sheet to look back on YAY!

I am going to do my best to have a blog post at the end of each month with what’s up, and that’s how I am going to track my success. So here I go…

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