Family and my world outside of coding!

January 28th, 2021 – By Breanna Lunsford

Outside of coding I am a huge family person! So let us start with my family… First is husband Justin is a paramedic, we have a beautiful daughter Audrey, and three hunting dogs (Twelve ‘Gauge’ Ready, Black ‘Mag’num Princess, and ‘Han’ Shot first). My parents also live 2.2 miles from door to door, and my husbands family (he is one of ten) all but one sibling lives here in Colorado.

My Husband and I at a wedding!

We love seeing our family and spending time outside. Our kido loves to be outside more than anything so we make sure she gets to enjoy it. That’s why last summer my father and a renovated a camper for our six being household.

My little family

So of course we love to camp, but I also other other interests. I love using my sewing machine and cross-stitching, and I have since I was about six which in no way makes me any sort of expert I just love it. I also love crafts, any crafts, and all crafts (with the only exception being things that involve glitter)! Since I have three hunting dogs I do like to hunt (upland birds like pheasant and quail), though only two out of three hunt as one is a mommy dog and is more protective than the hunting type.

Our three Fur-Babies!

When I want to relax though there is nothing like cuddingling up with a blanket by the fire with hot chocolate and a good book!

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